Aircraft and Yachts Fine Upholstery in Los Angeles, CA

At Elite Interiors, we know that careful and detailed planning is the basis for the success of our products.
Our experienced staff will endeavor to achieve the best finish interiors for your aircraft.

Aircraft and Boats Fine Upholstery and Re-Upholstery

We have over 25 years experience in the refurbishment of aircraft interiors.

We can offer the best quality fabrics, leather and carpets for your jet be so comfortable that you feel like at home.

 We specialize in:

Fine Upholstery
Jets Upholstery
Yachts Upholstery
Helicopter Upholstery
Aircraft custom upholstery

We offer the following services for your aircraft and private jets:

  • Interior Refurbishing – Complete custom refurbishing and modification services for business jet interiors including seating, carpeting, cabinetry, fixtures, air stairs, runners and other jet interior services.
  • Seat Upholstery – Premium quality handmade custom foam work and upholstery for seats, divans, and throw pillows.
  • Carpeting – Custom designed carpets for all interior areas.
  • Cabinetry & Woodwork – High quality modification, re-veneering, repairing and refinishing for all types of interior cabinetry and fixtures.
  • Interior Removal & Installation – To facilitate mechanics access for maintenance and inspection.


For Custom Aircraft Interiors
and estimates, call today at 661-733-2617 or contact us.

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